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Il Portico – Restaurant

Portico is the ideal location for your dinner in a country and traditional atmosphere.

In this corner of Multiristorante La Bussola, you can savour the rural culture through the fittings and the culinary proposal, which is curated in every detail in order to offer our customers the flavours of tradition. We particularly care for homemade food and high-quality raw material.

La stalla

LA STALLA – Restaurant with wine tasting

La Stalla restaurant and winery is the ideal place for Emilian kitchen lovers wanting to enjoy this area’s wonderful flavours while sipping a glass of good wine. The traditional Emilian menu proposes many handmade-pasta recipes, enriched with the best condiments which are made with selected ingredients. Every lunch or dinner will be anticipated by a rich buffet, consisting of fresh-vegetables and local-cheese appetizers.

Traditional atmosphere

If you are a meat lover, you can find many typical recipes here at La Stalla restaurant. In this region, breeding represents an ancient activity, advancing hand in hand with the art of slaughter. The restaurant offers delicious dishes to everyone preferring fish menus too; we try to use only fresh and first-rated fish, both for simple and more complex recipes.

Our winery

Every culinary proposal is accompanied by an ample wine list, consisting of more than one hundred labels, organized by typology and origin and preserved in the restaurant’s winery. This list consists of white and red, still and sparkling wine, made from both local and international grape, in order to satisfy every request and assure the best possible match between drink and food.