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Our story

Bussola, when this was not its name yet, was originally a big farmhouse in which many farmers lived together with their families. Their stories relive in the tales of those who, as children, grew up in this barnyard and are today among our most loyal customers. Our restaurant has been able to valorize a place which is deeply connected to the Emilian tradition. Many decades ago the old animal shelter, which is now almost undamaged, hosted eighteen cows and two bulls, whereas the horses shelter was located in the current area that hosts wine pouring and desserts. The Semellini family, that has been attending the restaurant for more than fifty years, tells us that in 1963 was born here the farmstay with catering service “Turca”, that sold homegrown agricultural products. The name “La Bussola” stretches back to 1987, in parallel with the starting of a new management at the restaurant and the renewal of the entire kitchen and of part of the farm.

Il Ristorante


Few photos about us

Bussola, as it is known and appreciated nowadays, started taking shape in October 1989 with the incoming of Mauro Morellini, who slowly began enlarging the restaurant, until in May 2005 a devastating fire seriously damaged the building. But Emilian people’s passion and pride are stronger than any difficulty: that’s why, after many sacrifices and hard work, in September 2007 Morellini reopened the restaurant together with Sasha, who decided moving here the “multirestaurant” project from Garda Lake, where he ran a beach bar. This decision was taken in order to offer high-quality catering with different menu proposals, together with tasting experiences, after-dinner dancing entertainment and the chance to have a drink in the garden. In this way takes shape the idea of identifying six different areas, with furniture and proposal different from eachother.


  • LA FENICE, rising from the ashes, is a restaurant-pizzeria specially dedicated to families and provided with a play area for children.
  • The former-haymow  THE LOFT connects interesting culinary proposals to the chance to spend together dancing evenings, and it is the ideal place to host business dinners, events and weddings.
  • The spanish restaurant TORO BLANCO is a youthful and trendy place, which proposes some of the most known spanish recipes, as tapas, paella, bull meat and Cantabrian fish.
  • IL PORTICO is the ideal location for your dinner in a country and traditional atmosphere.
  • LA STALLA winery and restaurant valorizes the Emilian kitchen and the pouring of excellent wine.
  • The lately-born B-SIDE summer area gives customers the possibility to dance, have fun and listen to music during theme evenings, organized by the staff and its coworkers.

Ingredients and Flavours

Our wise chef Fabio Bettegazzi carefully chooses every day the best products and fresh ingredients in order to guarantee high-quality dishes.

Kitchen is a love story. You have to fall in love first with the products and then with the ones who cook them.

(Alain Ducasse)

From October 2016 the Bussola’s staff went back running Don Divino, the restaurant that nowadays enriches itself with new and unique recipes, together with the traditional music and entertainment evenings. To know every new proposal, www.dondivino.it


“Where true Emilian kitchen takes life…”

Emilian kitchen is the healthiest and most direct testification of a worldwide-known area thanks to its culinary excellence. Bussola multirestaurant, faithful to the tradition of old housewives from Reggio Emilia, proposes every day this area’s typical recipes. We only use selected and high-quality products, that can boast about a secular tradition.

Pasta, be it stuffed or dry, is the absolute protagonist of Emilian kitchen. Its many distinctive shapes and flavours are created from a dough which is spread out with a rolling pin. From tagliatelle to tortelli, from gnocchi to cappelletti: in a fast-paced world that leaves its best behind itself, Bussola wants to preserve an oasis of unforgettable savours coming from Emilian countries and hills.

Once upon a time there was the handmade dough, with flour gathered on the chopping board in a crater-like shape, embracing fresh eggs. There was a tireless housewife with a hankie on her head who kneaded with the only force of her arms. There was the rolling pin made with cherry-tree wood, guided by wise hands in order to create a fine pasta sheet… Here at Bussola, the past becomes present, because people can not think well, love well, sleep well, if they haven’t eaten well.

Excellent products, like Parmigiano Reggiano and traditional Balsamic vinegar, can not be missing in a restaurant that wants to delineate Emilia through its typical dishes. Similarly, Emilian kitchen lovers can find at Bussola a rich charcuterie proposal, from mortadella to coppa, from pancetta to prosciutto and culatello and so on. Starting from these ingredients, rich in history and flavour, our chefs cook every day delicious and healthy dishes, which constitute the visiting card of a Country that continuously amazes.